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We Build Your Dream Home

Philippine Diversified Developers Corporation (PDDC) was organized and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on May 31, l974.  Its primary purpose is to engage in real estate projects such as the development of housing subdivision projects and construction of houses and buildings. To buy or to deal in real properties improved or unimproved, urban or rural, plantations, fish ponds, buildings, structures or any and all real properties of any and every nature and description or any right or interest therein, in so far as may be permitted by law, and to purchase or lease any government entity, private individual, firms or corporation, improved or undeveloped real property for the purpose of subdividing, developing or reselling the same.

Philippine Diversified Developers Corporation (PDDC) is a member of a highly diversified group of companies, the FGF Group, which is engaged in rural banking, real estate, financing, sugarcane farming, aquaculture and marketing of aquaculture products.


Offering the existing and prospective clients fast, reliable and quality services.  Giving our clients the real estate  product that conforms to the highest government standards and in accordance to the needs and requirements of its clients.


To provide Top Quality Service to our clients by building beautiful homes according to their needs. We aim to be a leading Developer that would give the best housing designs to our clients.


To Gain Clients Confidence

To Meet Customers Satisfaction


Through the years, PDDC has developed successful subdivision projects in Negros Occidental and Iloilo.

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